Who’s That Girl

My name is Irene (pronounced ee-rEEN-ee) and I am a Cypriot UI/UX Designer currently living in Limassol Berlin Boston. I am available for everyone who needs help with branding, creating websites, web apps and mobile apps.

This is how the story begins, with my first drawing, at the age of 2.

Picasso said, The creative adult is the child who has survived. Well…

I survived

I solemnly swear to

do everything with

& follow one single rule,

{mischief managed}

Not just a designer

You don’t need a designer. 

You need a new way of thinking.


Design is not the act of painting, or picking, pretty colours on a house, an application, a brochure or a website. The act of design stretches from the top to the very bottom of everything you do as a team, as a company. Design is the process of deliberate planning and production of a system.

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